"...During my intensive 2-year training with Malidoma in 2007/8 I realized the power of the culture of the Dagara people and how spiritually connected we all are to the element and the ancestors.  Being part of the ancestralization ceremony transformed my life and, with the gifts and support of my ancestors, I walk with a life affirming responsibility to bring peace and love to my community and the world."  
Yvonne Atwell, East Preston, NS

"...With a skeptical, but open mind, I can clearly say that one year following the [Ancestralization] ritual my life has opened in spectacular ways that were entirely unforeseen. It seems as if I now do, in fact, have a team of ancestors working alongside me , watching my back, and opening pathways that were previously blocked. One of the joys of this shared indigenous ?medicine for the soul? is its inclusivity. You are welcome to come as you are, and entirely be yourself. No particular beliefs are required."  
Randy Jones, Vancouver, BC

"...The experience of going through Ancestralization with Malidoma in Harlem, N.Y. was a moment of enlightenment, giving me hope and peace in my soul knowing that the spirit of my brother, Dwayne, could be joined in love with my parents. In this Fire year, Ancestralization October 2012 is a special and sacred commitment to join my parents, Gwen and Jim, in the realm of the ancestors so they will become the angelic guardians of our family once again...." 
Sula Cindy Paris, Initiated Gatekeeper, Truro, NS 

"...One of the best and most rewarding decisions that I have made in my life was to attend the Indigenous African Spiritual Technology Training with Dr. Malidoma Somé in New York,? which included Ancestralization. It gave me a very profound understanding, knowledge and basic steps of how to deeply connect with the spirits of my ancestors?..and how to recognize the presence of my ancestors in my life on a daily basis with their continued spiritual guidance."
Betty Thomas, Dartmouth, NS
Ancestralization 2005, Harlem, NY
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